MAS Equity Partners (MEP)


MAS EQUITY PARTNERS is a pioneer private equity fund manager in the Andean Region, with more than 10 years of successful activity.

Backing VISIONARY ENTREPRENEURS through minority equity investments and effective field support.

STRATEGIC GUIDANCE based on best practices of corporate governance and management.

SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION through proprietary and proven methodology, "Building Blocks".

RESPECT, TRANSPARENCY & RECIPROCITY to build win-win long-term partnerships.


• PIONEERS in growth capital investments in the Andean Region, with more than 14 years of successful activity. Our companies have been recognized for their performance, innovation and leadership

• REGIONAL approach based on the expansion of successful Colombian companies abroad, through market development and M&A

• Support to VISIONARY ENTREPRENEURS with a high commitment and knowledge of their industry, through minority investments of capital and effective accompaniment in the field

• STRATEGIC ADDRESS based on the best practices of corporate governance and management. Active participation in the government and effective support to the management team

• CREATION OF SUSTAINABLE VALUE through our proven "Building Blocks" methodology.

• SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MODELS based on alignment of objectives and teamwork.

• RESPECT, TRANSPARENCY and RECIPROCITY always in the first place, to form long-term partnerships where everyone wins


3 Funds


16 Investments

Active Investments

9 Active

Realized Investments

7 Realized

• MEP portfolio companies have achieved, during the investment period:

Annual Growth
Annual Growth


Héctor Cateriano

Managing Partner & CEO

Patricio D'Apice

Managing Partner & CIO

Mauricio Gómez


Isabella Muñoz


Carlos Rubiños

Senior Advisor Andean Region

Joana Taboada

International Controller

Hernán Pérez De Brigard

Executive Advisor (Colombia)

Juan Pablo Arboleda


Michael Papageorgiou

Associate in Operation

Andrés Gutiérrez

Associate in Operation

Gerardo Paredes


María López



Hubertus van der Vaart

Fondo I, II, III

Julio Manuel Ayerbe

Fondo I, II, III

Héctor Cateriano

Fondo I, II, III

Carlos Hugo Escobar

Fondo I, II

Marcelo Leon Dub

Fondo I, II

Patricio D’Apice

Fondo III

Hernán Pérez De Brigard

Fondo III



Medium size companies with high growth potential in dynamic industries


Seasoned management teams with a clear vision and discipline


Innovative business models with sustainable competitive advantages


Value building plans based on proprietary proven methodology, “Buidling Blocks”


Replication of successful business models in different markets and regions


Investment strategy oriented to regional expansion, leveraging on successful companies and management teams


Proactive participation in the decision making process, effectively influencing the direction of the business through best practices in corporate governance, strategic insight, on the ground management support, and a deep local network. Cross industry knowledge and experience at all corporate levels. Value building through a proven methodology that works at three levels:

Value Development

Unleashing of the company’s hidden, through the strengthening of the business fundamentals and decision making process

Value Building

Effective on-the-ground management support on strategy, management and processes

Value Replication

Optimization of the business model to allow for replication in other markets or regions

Corporate Governance

• Effective Board of Directors

• Focused advisory committees for the board and the management team

• Optimization of organizational structure

• Assessment of leadership and succession plans

Strategic Planning

• Strategy design and implementation monitoring

• Structured growth plans

• Organic and inorganic growth (M&A)

• Develoment of new business lines

• Expansion to other markets

• Consolidation, integration and replication

Management Support

• Business model review

• Active collaboration on management and commercial processes

• Enhacment of information and reporting systems

• Review of processes and controls

• Optimization of the capital structure

• Optimization of tax strategy

• Mergers and Acquisitions


• Inter company commercial developement

• Extensive banking relationships

• Relationship with top Colombian executives

• Access to government and regulatory entities

• Local market knowledge and intelligence

• Access to international networks


Food production and commercialization

2020 | Fondo MEF III

Industrial manufacturing

2019 | Fondo MEF III

Real estate development

2019 | Fondo MEF III

Industrial Manufacturing

2019 | Fondo MEF III

Clinical Laboratory

2018 | Fondo MEF III

Chemicals distribution

2017 | Fondo MEF III

Dental Clinics

2015 | Fondo MCL

Restaurant Operator

2012 | Fondo MCL

O&G services

2012 | Fondo MCL


Transport and Logistics

2014 | Fondo MCL

High complexity hospitals

2013 - 2018 | Fondo MCL

Restaurant and Entertainment

2008 - 2017 | Fondo FTC

Health and Wellness

2007 - 2016 | Fondo FTC

Financial Services

2006 - 2013 | Fondo FTC


2009 - 2013 | Fondo FTC

O&G services

2009 - 2011 | Fondo FTC


Most Successful Private Equity Investment in Colombia

Promotora Medica Las Américas

October 2019, Lavca

Top Deal in Latin America


March 2018, Lavca

Most Succesful Industry Transaction Award


October 2017, ColCapital

Value Creation Recognition


October 2017, ColCapital

Business Impact Award


September 2014, ColCapital

Value Creation Recognition


September 2014, ColCapital


MAS Equity Partners sells 50% of its stake in Rocsa Colombia S.A.

February 2021

MAS Equity Partners (MEP), pioneer private equity fund manager in the Andean region, is pleased to announce the 50% sale of MAS Equity Fund III (“the Fund”) stake in Rocsa Colombia S.A.

La Fazenda opened a facility that transforms methane gas into energy

February 2021

The project seeks to take advantage of organic fertilizers rich in macronutriens and micronutrients.

Businessmen of the Year 2020 – La República

February 2021

We congratulate our Fund’s partners: Jaime Lievano, CEO of Agropecuaria Aliar, owner of La Fazenda brand, and Juan Felipe Montoya, CEO of Incubadora Santander, known under the Huevos Kikes brand, for their nomination to the "Businessmen of the Year 2020" award.


February 2021

MAS EQUITY PARTNERS is pleased to invite you to our virtual conferences in order to have first-hand information on investment opportunities in the current economic environment.

MAS Equity Partners invests in Agropecuaria Promialianza

December 2020

MAS Equity Partners is pleased to announce the investment of the MAS EQUITY FUND III, through supply chain debt facility, in Agropecuaria Promialianza.

Interview with our CEO in the newspaper La Republica

December 2020

To strengthen employment, the government must encourage investment more than ever.


August 2020

MAS EQUITY PARTNERS is pleased to invite you to our virtual conferences in order to have first-hand information on investment opportunities in the current economic environment.

ESSI, Portfolio Company of MAS Equity Fund III, Develops Ventilators for the Pandemic

August 2020

ESSI - Empresa de Soluciones, Servicios e Innovación, taking advantage of its knowledge in aseptic processes, developed ventilators to contribute to solving the Covid-19 emergency in our country.

Andres Carne de Res is back!

August 2020

Andrés® follows its customers, that's why the company reinvented private parties in Colombia and presented a new way to bring people together and create unforgettable moments., article about OPL carga

November 2019

Natural Gas Vehicular continues to demolish myths. A year after trucks manufactured to operate with NGV, entered the country to prove themselves crossing its topography, the machines continue to roll, now with more than 40,000 kilometers in its route, and free of complaints by those who maneuver them around Colombia, article about the restaurant Andrés Carne de Res

October 2019

Nine Electric, Intoxicating Hours Inside Bogotá’s Wildest Party. Like a Cheesecake Factory crossed with a nightclub on steroids, but with absolutely fantastic Colombian food

Interview with our CEO in the newspaper La Republica

October 2019

Héctor Cateriano is the CEO and founder of Mas Equity Partners, a private equity management company that has been in Colombia since 2009 and manages three funds with approximately US$ 200 million. He said that agribusiness has a good chance of growing in financing.

Isabella Muñoz recognized by ColCapital during the 6th annual Private Equity industry Gala

October 2019

Isabella Muñoz was recognized for her dedication and commitment in the creation, implementation, and empowerment of ColCapital, as Executive Director (July 2013 to July 2019), as well as for her valuable contributions to the construction and strengthening of the private equity sector in Colombia.

Hector Cateriano recognized by ColCapital during the 6th annual Private Equity industry Gala

October 2019

Hector Cateriano was recognized for his support, as chairman of ColCapital’s Board of Directors (May 2017 to May 2018), as well as for his contributions to the development and strengthening of the private equity industry in Colombia.

MEP receives Award for the Most Successful Private Equity Investment in Colombia

October 2019

ColCapital, the Colombian Association of Private Equity Funds, announced the winners of the 2019 Colombian Private Equity Awards during its 6th annual Gala, held on October 17, recognizing those managers that had the greatest impact on the country's development.

MEP selected by IDB and OPIC among the first managers of the Fund Mujer program

September 2019

MEP, together with another Colombian manager, would mark Fund Mujer's first two commitments in Latin America.

MAS Equity Partners invests in Dekel

August 2019

MAS Equity Partners (MEP), through its fund MAS Equity Fund III, closed an investment in Dekel Real Estate Holding (Dekel) to support its ambitious international expansion plan.

MAS Equity Partners invests in Pelpak

August 2019

MAS Equity Partners (MEP), through its fund MAS Equity Fund III, closed an investment in Pelpak, a Colombian rigid plastic convertor with more than 40 years of track-record.

Mimo´s wins the XIV Colombian Entrepreneur Award 2019

August 2019

Mimo´s receives the Award "Ave Fénix" for Corporate Resurgence.

MAS Equity Partners acquires an equity stake in ESSI

June 2019

MAS Equity Partners, through its third fund MAS Equity Fund III, acquires an equity stake in ESSI (Empresa de Servicios, Soluciones e Innovación)

MAS Equity Partners held its Investor's Day 2019

March 2019

On March 28th, 2019, MEP held the first Investor's Day in Bogota, Colombia. More than 100 guests attended including investors...

MAS Equity Partners invests in Europa America Laboratories

November 2018

MAS Equity Partners, through its private equity fund MAS Equity Fund III, closed an investment agreement with Europa América Laboratories (Eurolabs).

OPL Carga joins to Promigas to launch the first natural gas trucks

September 2018

The pilot project that sought to implement the use of vehicular natural gas in tractors in the country was a success.

MEP sells its participation in Promotora Médica Las Américas

September 2018

MAS Equity Partners, through its private equity fund MAS Colombia LATAM, sold to the Grupo Aúna, leader in the provision of health services in Peru.

MEP Recognized for Top Deal in Latin American Private Equity Awards

March 2018

The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) today announced the winners of the 2018 Latin American Private Equity Awards.

MEP together with Rocsa Colombia acquires 100% of Inproquim

January 2018

MAS Equity Partners through its private equity fund MAS Equity Fund III, has acquired a shareholding in Rocsa Colombia S.A

MEP obtains Award for the Most Successful Investment in the Industry

November 2017

Mas Equity Partners won the Most Successful Investment Award in the Industry with Grupo IGA, in the IV Gala of the Private Capital Fund Industry.

MEP creates new restaurant leader with Grupo IGA

April 2017

A new business group is consolidated in the gastronomic sector. It is the IGA Group, which arises from the union of Inmaculada Guadalupe

The power of Colombian boards of directors

March 2017

Julio Manuel Ayerbe and Carlos Hugo Escobar, highlighted by Colombian business digest Dinero, as models of good corporate governance.

New cargo railway operator is born, led by OPL Carga

November 2016

The National Agency of Infrastructure (ANI) confirmed that they are advancing work so that in 2017 regular start can be given to the operation of this broker

Clínica Las Américas one of the best health centers of Colombia

November 2016

According to an analysis of the Colombian Association of Clinics and Hospitals, in a sample of 146 institutions...

OPL Carga will build a port in Gamarra on the Magdalena River

September 2016

The Colombian logistics company OPL announced that they are completing the required designs for the construction of a port in Gamarra, on the Magdalena River.

MEP present in the ranking of the most valuable companies with three companies

September 2016

Kokoriko, Andrés Carne de Res and Bodytech, are three of the companies that are part of the history of MAS Equity Partners, and which are in the Ranking of the 50 Most Valuable Companies

MAS Equity Partners completes closing of its third fund

December 2015

MAS Equity Partners (MEP) completed the first closing of its third private equity fund in Colombia, MAS Equity Fund III, with the participation of local and international institutional investors.

New Investment in Sonria

December 2015

The fund MAS Colombia Latam closed its fifth and last investment in Sonría, a company Founded in 1992, Sonría is the leading chain of dental clinics in Colombia; has 78 clinics nationwide and 11 in Mexico.

MAS Equity Partners: 10 years in Colombia

September 2015

After 10 years of successful activity in Colombia, MAS Equity Partners (MEP) re-launches the firm, led by the pioneering team of SEAF Colombia and MAS SEAF Colombia

Why invest in Colombian companies?

September 2015

Meeting at the Country Club, the managers highlighted the economic factors with the greatest impact in 2015 and proposed the strategies to take advantage of opportunities in 2016.

MAS Equity Partners will invest in services companies

September 2015

"We are currently in a search for organizations with vision, to invest in their expansion. We are focused on the service industry.”

Kokoriko, a year of great expectation

April 2015

A good start to the year is the Grupo Conboca, which manages the brands of Kokoriko chicken restaurants and Mimo's ice cream. The company is growing above budget and the expectation of its manager, Juan Carlos Paba, is that sales could grow above 5%.

TGT Gamas launches new image and services

November 2014

TGT Gamas launched at the Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 2014 its new corporate image and an expanded range of services. With more than 30 years of services in Colombia, and a leader in continuous hydrocarbons registration services.

Business impact award for MEP’s investment in Bodytech

September 2014

For its management in Bodytech, the FTC Fund won the Business Impact Award granted by the Colombian Association of Private Capital Funds - ColCapital, within the framework of the First Gala of the Private Capital Fund Industry held on September 4.

Investment in OPL Carga

June 2014

The MAS Equity Partners team made a capital investment in OPL, a Colombian company leader in integrated logistics services. Since its founding in 2006, Organización OPL has positioned itself as one of the main and most important cargo transport companies in Colombia.

Sale of MEP’s fund participation in Refinancia

December 2013

The MAS Equity Partners team completed the total sale of the shareholding of the Transandino Colombia Fund in Refinancia S.A., a leading company in the purchase and management of overdue credit portfolios in Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

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