TGT Gamas | 2012 | Fondo MCL

TGT Gamas | 2012 | Fondo MCL

Business Description

Leading provider of mud logging services to the oil & gas industry since 1985

Regional Presence: Colombia and Perú

Closing Date: Septiembre 2012

Fund: MAS Colombia Latam

Status: Active


Investment Highlights

• Operations in both Colombia and Peru

• Solid reputation and high quality standards (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18000, RUC of 92)

• Cabins in operation and revenue grew 3x in 4 years

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Transition towards a professional management

• Creation of a Procurement and Improvement committees

• Introduction of monthly board meetings

• Introduction of a yearly budget

Management Support

• New mission & vision statement

• Redesign of processes

• Review of the organizational structure, incentives plan and career plan: Hiring of seasoned CEO with 17 years of experience in the industry

• Creation of new management layers to improve decision making, accountability and oversight

• Improvement of commercial processes

• Implementation of SAP in six months

• Redesign of transport and logistics processes

Replication and Expansion

• Seeking acquisition targets to broaden portfolio of services and regional presence

• Development of new business lines/services (currently providing live feedback of drilling which is available to clients)