Pelpak | 2019 | Fondo MEF III

Pelpak | 2019 | Fondo MEF III

Business Description

Pelpak is a Colombian rigid plastic convertor with more than 40 years of track-record, serving a variety of market segments, including pharma, home & personal care, and cosmetics. The company offers an integrated product portfolio, manufacturing a variety of caps, closures, bottles, jars and containers and provides value-added services such as labeling, printing and product wrapping. Moreover, Pelpak offers flexibility to develop tailor-made solutions for its customers specific needs, with an in-house molding design and manufacturing workshop for both injection and blow molds.

Regional Presence: Colombia

Closing Date: August 2019

Fund: MAS Equity Fund III

Status: Active


Investment Highlights:

• Renowned player with 40 years track-record in Colombia.

• Recognized for its customer service, high standards product quality and reliability.

• Comprehensive product portfolio and value-added services such as labeling, printing and product wrapping.

• Foothold in some of the faster-growing and profitable segments.

• In-house molding design and development facility, allowing the company to offer flexibility and tailor-made packaging solutions.

• Successful implementation of lean manufacturing techniques significantly increasing efficiencies and improving time-to-market.

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Implementation of best governance and business practices.

• Development of key performance metrics and monitoring standards to enable agile and informed decision making.

• Creation of the Financial Committee

Management Support

• Strengthening of the Company’s capital structure.

• Preparation, evaluation and execution of the business plan.

• Evaluation and execution of new initiatives and projects.

• Enhancement of production facilities and manufacturing practices.

Replication and Expansion

• Expansion into profitable and fast-growing business segments.