Andres Carne de Res | 2008 - 2017 | Fondo FTC

Andres Carne de Res | 2008 - 2017 | Fondo FTC

Business Description

Thematic restaurant-bar with a unique entertainment experience. A special brand that comprises a restaurant, event venue and art gallery, perfectly blended with a synchronized operation with matchless entertainment

Regional Presence: Colombia

Closing Date: July 2008

Fund: Fondo Trasandino Colombia (FTC)

Status: Parcial Exit (2017)


Investment Highlights

• Second most visited tourist attraction in Colombia

• Successful replication of business model in Bogotá city under new fast-deployment brand extensions

• Andrés Chia attracts ~660,000 clients per year.

Value Creation

Corporate Government

• Transition from family-owned to professional business

• Committee creations for monitoring purposes. Board with independent members

Management Support

• Cost structure efficiency, personnel expenses optimization and implementation of budget

• Review of organizational structure and incentives

• Operating manuals and procedures

• Training standardization

Replication and Expansion

• Expansion into Bogotá

• Development of brand extensions to cater to new market segments, with targeted pricing policies.

• After 27 years (2009), launch of first brand extension: Andrés D.C. Planned rollout of “Plaza de Andrés” (4 restaurants as of Jun-2014) and “Andrés Express” (15 restaurants as of Jun-2014) concepts