1. Principles


Amid a deep global transformation, MAS Equity Partners faces new challenges as investment manager. Business management in a global crisis requires giving our best as people, companies, and society. Today, more than ever, our mandate is to invest with purpose, in the best interests of our investors, companies, their communities, and the region.

At MAS Equity Partners we are committed to environmental and social care, the highest standards of corporate governance, and the promotion of diversity and gender equity. Investing with purpose is part of our vocation. Therefore, we create opportunities, build value, and combine our traditional investment experience with the new environmental, social, governance, and gender equity (ESGG) approaches, in order to enhance the value of our investments and their stakeholders, and contribute to building a more sustainable future.

Gender equity is a priority at our firm. We believe that equal opportunities, quality of the workplace, and diversity in decision-making are essential for value creation. Fostering diversity and improving the work environment contribute to the development of our most important asset, the people, who are the fundamental pillar of growth and success in our organization.

At MAS Equity Partners we have promoted multiple initiatives to close gender gaps inside and outside our company, such as the adherence to the Woman Empowerment Principles (WEP), our commitment to Fund Mujer within the framework of the global 2x Challenge, our participation in the foundation of the WAI - Women in Alternative Investments network, and the funding the MET Community’s acceleration programs, to promote the development of opportunities for women in our funds. We hope to continue to be role models for the private equity industry, committed to the cultural change that our society needs.