Bodytech | 2007 - 2016 | Fondo FTC

Bodytech | 2007 - 2016 | Fondo FTC

Business Description

#1 fitness chain in Latin America with 103 sites in Colombia, Peru and Chile (Dec-2013). Integrated health and wellness services through innovation in training programs and fitness equipment

Regional Presence: Colombia, Chile and Perú

Closing Date: July 2007

Fund: Fondo Trasandino Colombia (FTC)

Status: Exited – Parcial Exit (2012) and Private Sale to Financial Sponsor (2016)

In 2012 MEP sold part of its stake to another PE fund achieving the recovery of the invested capital. In 2016 MEP sold its remaining stake to a financial sponsor looking to complement its health and wellness potfolio


Investment Highlights

• Interdisciplinary medical department (sport doctors, nutritionists and physical therapists) as a differentiating factor in exercise prescription

• Efficient segmentation of customer base by offering different membership levels

• Correlation on equipment management and membership level, allowing for extended life of fixed assets

• Exclusive distributor of Life Fitness equipment in Peru and Colombia and partnership in Chile

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Support in transition from local business to consolidated multinational business

• High reputation Board of Directors with independent members

Management Support

• Implementation of monthly reports, business intelligence and process engineering

• Differentiated sites and equipment according to customer income segmentation

• Brand development through introduction of new products: vitamins, water, towels, among others

• Implementation of new health and wellness services: nutritional advisory, personal training, physical therapy, Mom pregnant program, corporate medical services

Replication and Expansion

• National market development in mid-size cities such as: Bucaramanga, Cucuta, Villavicencio, Pereira, Manizales

• Support in regional rollout to Peru (start-up) and Chile (acquisition)