Infinite Herbs | 2009 - 2013 | Fondo FTC

Infinite Herbs | 2009 - 2013 | Fondo FTC

Business Description

Integrated fresh herbs producer and distributor. Diverse product range in fresh and organic herbs.

Regional Presence: Colombia and USA

Closing Date: December 2009

Fund: Fondo Trasandino Colombia (FTC)

Status: Exited - Resale to founder shareholders (2013)


Investment Highlights

• High-tech greenhouse production facilities for organic, hydroponic production

• Direct distribution to stores in the US East Coast

• Compliance with the most rigorous international standards throughout the growing, harvesting, and shipping process to ensure highest quality product

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Board of Trustees with independent members. Creation of Finance and Management Committees

Management Support

• Implementation of information technology systems and accounting, supply chain management, and inventory control

• Process reengineering and standardization

• Reporting and controls

• Risk management due to volatility of cropping cycle and weather

• Brand positioning and marketing initiatives

Replication and Expansion

• Increase of organic production capacity through three new greenhouses in proprietary farms

• Acquisition of key supplier

• Backwards value chain integration

• Secure exclusive supplier contracts with retail clients in the US

• Launch of distribution operation in Chicago

• Distribution in Miami since (2010), Boston (2010) Chicago (2011) and California