Refinancia | 2006 - 2013 | Fondo FTC

Refinancia | 2006 - 2013 | Fondo FTC

Business Description

Specialty servicer for consumer loans in non-traditional niches, which provides financial solutions to individuals with unmet credit needs, offering customized solutions according to payment ability. Refinancia focuses specially on purchasing, managing and collecting non-performing loans (NPLs) from financial institutions.

Regional Presence: Colombia, Perú and México

Closing Date: November 2006

Fund: Fondo Trasandino Colombia (FTC)

Status: Exited - Private Sale to Strategic (2013)

MAS exited investment to an international strategic looking for its first emerging market exposure


Investment Highlights

• Visionary entrepreneur who developed a professional management team and advanced analytical tools

• Second largest non-performing loan (NPL) portfolio manager in Colombia

• Expanded presence into Colombia, Peru, and Mexico

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Support in transition from start-up to consolidated multinational business

• High profile Board of Directors with independent members

• Improvement of institutional credibility

Management Support

• Assisted in risk management by establishing processes and upgrading to high-tech information systems geared to debtors risk assessment

• Support in bargaining strategy with banks for the negotiation and acquisition of NPL portfolios

• Restructuring of valuation and efficiency models

Replication and Expansion

• Support in rollout to Peru and Mexico

• Support in the development of the check guarantee business

• Assisted in the analysis and valuation of expanding into new business lines