Rocsa Colombia | 2017 | Fondo MEF III

Rocsa Colombia | 2017 | Fondo MEF III

Business Description

Created in 1997, Rocsa is one of the leading companies in the distribution of commodity and specialty chemicals in the Andean region, combining a wide range of products with value added services

Regional Presence: Colombia and Peru

Closing Date: December 2017

Fund: MAS Equity Fund III

Status: Exited - Resale to funding shareholders (2021)


Investment Highlights:

• With the acquisition of Inproquim, Rocsa becomes one of the leading players in the Colombian chemical distribution market

• Rocsa has a diversified portfolio that includes both specialty and commodity products

• Strong relationship with international suppliers

• Business model focused on offering tailored solutions to its clients

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Support in the transition from a family-owned company to a corporate structure

• Establishment of a multidisciplinary Board of Directors

• Creation of a financial committee

• Incorporation of a new CFO

• Implementation of the business plan

Management Support

• Support in the integration process of Rocsa and Inproquim

• Improvement of the capital structure and debt profile

• Monthly management reports

• Optimization of the production plants, logistics and personnel structure

• Support in the evaluation of new projects

Replication and Expansion

• Integration of complementary product portfolios

• Development of new suppliers

• International expansion