Securion | 2023 | Independent Investment

Securion | 2023

Business Description

For more than 20 years, Securion was part of Securitas AB, one of the most important security companies worldwide (Certified Partner of Securitas AB in Argentina). Nowadays, Securion is characterized for being a leading security company, with all its global knowledge at the service of each client's local needs. Securion offers specialized security services, monitoring systems, trailback, consulting, among others.

Regional Presence: Argentina

Closing Date: September 2023

Status: Active


Investment Highlights

With over 30 years of providing security solutions throughout the country, SECURION (SECAR Security Group S.A.) is the leading company in physical and electronic security, leveraging global knowledge to serve local needs. For more than 20 years, it was part of Securitas AB, one of the most important security companies worldwide. Now, it is a Certified Partner of Securitas for Argentina.

SECURION offers intelligent security solutions based on cutting-edge technology, tailored to the needs of each client. Their focus includes businesses, industries, transportation, residential complexes, and smart buildings. They specialize in physical security, remote alarm monitoring, and self-management systems.

• Technology: Integrated security solutions with artificial intelligence, BMS (building management system), remote video solutions, access control, and fleet monitoring based on GPS technology. Their exclusive platform, Trailsoft, provides real-time logistics information.

• Academy: Through their Institute of Training and in collaboration with the Center for Studies in Prevention and Security (CEPRES), SECURION offers mandatory private security courses for agencies and private investigations within the Province of Buenos Aires. These courses are homologated by the National Technological University.

+10.200 Employees nationwide

+600 Clients

+28.000 Monitoring accounts

+58.000 technology projects