Dekel | 2019 | Fondo MEF III

Dekel | 2019 | Fondo MEF III

Business Description

Dekel is an innovative real estate developer with a unique community-building approach, based in Panama and with presence in Colombia. Through its own methodology, the Company identifies overlooked neighborhoods, establishes a stronghold through the acquisition of a critical mass of strategic real estate assets and then transforms the neighborhoods into vibrating and high-value communities, generar value faster than traditional real estate developers.

Regional Presence: Panama and Colombia

Closing Date: August 2019

Fund: MAS Equity Fund III

Status: Active


Investment Highlights:

• Differentiated business model in its community building philosophy and focus, in which it develops unique, aesthetically attractive and content-filled neighborhoods that provide high quality living standards.

• Track record and expertise on creating trendy communities that appeal to growing demographics seeking to invest in experiences and live in a place that provides strong emotional ties.

• Disciplined growth approach based on deep research and a neighborhood development playbook with valuable and hard-to-replicate lessons learned.

• Growth platform with two proof-of-concept communities in Panama (Casco Viejo and Pedasi) ready to expand and replicate its model in new international locations.

• Visionary entrepreneurs with discipline, ethics and a proven track-record of successful implementation of innovative concepts with Selina (a successful innovative hostel chain) and a strong backing from internationally renowned real estate investors.

Value Creation

Corporate Governance

• Implementation of best governance practices.

• Creation of financial and business plan committees.

• Enhancement and rationalization of senior management structure.

Management Support

• Development of key performance metrics and monitoring standards to enable agile and informed decision making.

• Review of corporate structure and execution of internal restructuring to reduce inefficiencies and minimize administrative red tape.

• Preparation, evaluation and execution of the business plan.

• Evaluation and execution of core corporate initiatives and new projects.

Replication and Expansion

• Consolidation of existing proof-of-concept communities to be replicated internationally.